Chicken Pasanda | Murgh Pasanday (Authentic Mughlai Recipe) -Ramazan Special

Chicken Pasanda, also known as Murgh Pasanda/Pasanday is a popular Chicken dish served from the Indian subcontinent, notably North Indian, Hyderabadi and Pakistani, derived from a meal served in the court of the Mughal emperors.

Chicken Lababdar|Murgh Lababdar – Mughlai Style Recipe

Lababdar as a term is often attached to many dishes to signify complete surrender of one’s taste buds to that dish’.– google definition.The word ‘Lababdar’ is basically used for dishes which are extremely rich and desired by all. In simple words, a recipe that will make your mouth water and tummy growl in hunger.

Shahi Chicken Korma|Murgh Shahi Korma Delicious Recipe

Shahi Chicken Korma is a royal Mughlai cuisine made with chicken cooked in cashew nut and almond paste, some roasted coconut powder and a whole lot of Indian spices and garam masala powder in a creamy spicy curd-based gravy/sauce and later garnished with fried nuts that adds a very subtle sweetness to the Korma. This gravy is mildly spicy but rich in color and texture, sumptuous and eye tempting, and the chicken cooked in the gravy is deliciously tender and juicy in taste.