Sabudana Kheer | How To Make Sabudana Kheer | Sago Pudding

Sabudana Kheer also known as “Sago Pudding” in English is an Indian sweet dessert recipe, very easy and quick to make. Basically, this recipe is made with just three simple ingredients – sago (sabudana), sugar & milk. You can also add some nut ingredient and saffron to enhance the flavor of this dish and make this recipe lip-smacking deicious!

In India, Sabudana is widely used as fasting food as it gives instant energy boost and fullness. This Sabudana Kheer is one such recipe that is mostly made during religious fastings especially during navaratri festival in India.

Simui er Payesh|Vermicelli Pudding (3-Step Dessert Recipe)

Sweet dish is a must on every (Bengali) occasion and making Simui er Payesh (also known as Vermicelli Pudding in English) is a very common thing in every Bengali household because not only it taste super sweet and fine but also adds as a very authentic and presentable sweet dessert to the overall food menu.