Egg Lababdar|Anda Lababdar – Creamy Egg Curry Recipe

The word ‘Lababdar’ is basically used for dishes which are extremely rich and desired by all. In simple words, a recipe that will make your mouth water and tummy growl in hunger.The creamy texture of this egg curry is so delicious and lip smacking that you’ll be tempted to lick your plate clean and still can’t get enough of this creamy egg curry recipe.

Indian Style Egg Bhurji (Scrambled Eggs cooked with Indian Spices)

How would you like your eggs to be cooked, sir? uhhh.. Scrambled maybe?! well, if you stay in India then you will get more than just simple scrambled eggs on your plate. The Indian chef in your kitchen won’t just simply let you get away without tasting the Indian version of scrambled eggs, which is – in simple words taste super scrumptious and juicy that will make your mouth water and stomach rumbling.