Chicken Daliya Khichdi|Chicken Oatmeal | Bulgur Chicken Recipe

But, I know a plain (vegetable) Daliya Khichdi can be so boring to have and enjoy be it for diet or whatever reason.! So to make it more interesting and less boring we performed few “experiments”, I’ll be very honest with you’all now.. first, we tried making Daliya with eggs and it tasted fine of course but you know, the heart wants what it wants and it screamed for chicken so finally, we had to try making this dish with egg and chicken this time and believe me I’ve never enjoyed having Daliya Khichdi so much before than I do now, the tender and juicy flavor of marinated chicken when baked and mixed with the Daliya, it became the perfect Chicken Daliya Khichdi that can give you a ride to food heaven,I promise.