Andhra Chili Chicken Curry | Restaurant Style Andhra Chicken Curry Recipe

This unique and spicy green recipe from Andhra Pradesh is all things delicious. The ‘Andhra Chili Chicken’ has many variations and can be either cooked with ground coconut or ground milk. This quick, delicious and simple chicken recipe can be cooked within an hour and looks exquisite at any dinner party. So, without waiting any further, let us check out the recipe of Andhra Chili Chicken.


‘Dum ka Murgh’ is an interesting recipe that is cooked entirely in ‘dum style’- a process of slow-cooking which results in a one-pot dish of aromatic and delightful flavors. Slow-cooking is most commonly used in biryanis but also leads to lip-smacking results when used in curries. It involves cooking the ingredients in a sealed, heavy bottomed vessel for hours or even overnight in some cases. The slow cooking works like magic in infusing the flavors of the spices and herbs and makes the meat tender.


Chicken Changezi is made with roasted or fried chicken in tomato-based gravy and can be enjoyed in several culinary hotspots of Purani Dilli. The subtle gravy made with a handful of Indian spices stood its own among the host of spicy Mughlai gravies that followed. Try this lip-smacking curry recipe and ofcourse do share with us the experience. However, we do know that, your experience with this chicken recipe is going to be mind-blowing!

Chicken Pahadi Kebab | Pahadi Tikka Kebab on Gas Stove | Soft And Juicy Chicken Kebab Recipe

Hello 2022, well, how are we all doing? We are back with our all new first recipe of this year and guess what it is? Chicken Pahadi Kebab or Chicken Pahadi tikka recipe. I remembered having this ‘Pahadi Chicken Kebab’ in a restaurant during Durga Puja 3 years back and I was so keen to try out this recipe at home so here is my recipe of making restaurant style “Chicken Pahadi Tikka” at home. I’m very sure you’re going to fall in love with this green beauty served hot on your plate.

White Chicken Curry | Creamy Chicken Curry | Shahi Chicken Curry Recipe

The recipe is simple and requires just some common ingredients found in an Indian kitchen. The only thing that one needs to be careful about is that you CANNOT accidentally change the color of the recipe while cooking, sure the chicken needs to be cooked thoroughly and the onions must be sautéed till it induces its flavor but one has to make sure that the color of the ingredients doesn’t change to brown or else it won’t be called as ‘The White Chicken Curry’. So, lets learn on- how to make this lip-smacking drool-worthy Chicken recipe with this easy steps as mentioned below.

Kasuri Murgh Malai | Kasuri Methi Malai Chicken | Murgh Methi Malai Recipe At Home

hat was your weekend menu? I’m sure it included Chicken or may be let me guess, you were running out of chicken recipe ideas and tired of making the same chicken curry again and again at home. I understand how tiring it can me to think of new chicken recipes every time so that it doesn’t get boring especially for your kids at home. So, we thought of making something new this time. A very popular and unique recipe ‘Kasuri Methi Murgh Mala’ aka Chicken cooked with dried Fenugreek Leaves as its main component, drizzled with some fresh cream/malai to give a creamy-silky texture to this recipe.