Indian Style Egg Bhurji (Scrambled Eggs cooked with Indian Spices)

How would you like your eggs to be cooked, sir? uhhh.. Scrambled maybe?! well, if you stay in India then you will get more than just simple scrambled eggs on your plate. The Indian chef in your kitchen won’t just simply let you get away without tasting the Indian version of scrambled eggs, which is – in simple words taste super scrumptious and juicy that will make your mouth water and stomach rumbling.

Indian Style Chicken Drumstick Curry -Best Chicken Leg Recipe

Sunday doesn’t feel like Sunday if there’s no Chicken involved, I mean – cooked at home, duh!Typical non-vegetarian’s. So on Saturday night when mom asked me what she should be cooking on this Sunday except for the usual, I instantly demanded her to make chicken thigh leg curry or in better words “Chicken Drumstick Curry”, sounds better, isn’t it? So, a Chicken Drumstick is the lower part of the chicken leg, very succulent similar to the chicken breast and curry is an Indian style recipe where we cook the chicken with all the easily available Indian spices at home.