Cheese Chili Masala Popcorn at Home – How to make the perfect masala

The real advantage of making Popcorn with masala at home instead of buying ready made popcorn packets from outside is that you can always make large quantities of popcorn for your whole family with minimal expense and not to mention the lip smacking tasty masala that you can make at your home. All you need are a few key ingredients and you’re going to be in cheesy heaven.

Chicken Malai Tikka Pizza- Simple Homemade Recipe

Home made pizza is always healthy, yes I said healthy because the way we make it with all the fresh vegetables and chicken , you can always trust your pizza and know what you’re actually putting in your stomach but we also want to make our pizza delicious and scrumptious at the same time so, this is my recipe on “Chicken Malai Tikka Pizza” which is very simple, extremely delicious and juicy that can make you forget about having pizzas from outside ever again. No Kidding! All you need is a fresh cream and Pizza bread from outside, rest everything should already be in your kitchen to make this Pizza.

Chicken Daliya Khichdi|Chicken Oatmeal | Bulgur Chicken Recipe

But, I know a plain (vegetable) Daliya Khichdi can be so boring to have and enjoy be it for diet or whatever reason.! So to make it more interesting and less boring we performed few “experiments”, I’ll be very honest with you’all now.. first, we tried making Daliya with eggs and it tasted fine of course but you know, the heart wants what it wants and it screamed for chicken so finally, we had to try making this dish with egg and chicken this time and believe me I’ve never enjoyed having Daliya Khichdi so much before than I do now, the tender and juicy flavor of marinated chicken when baked and mixed with the Daliya, it became the perfect Chicken Daliya Khichdi that can give you a ride to food heaven,I promise.

Ghugni – a Bengali snack you can’t deny!

In Kolkata along with all the mouth watering street food , ‘Ghugni’ is a very popular snack item in Bengal , Orissa; and in Bihar it is called “ghughri”. Wait let’s not just consider Ghugni as an unhealthy street food now because If you are, then you are getting me all wrong !! Ghugni is one of the healthiest , hygenic and spiciest veg snack you can ever enjoy in Kolkata. Just like we Mumbaikars have our famous fast food vada pav and pani puri , the Bengalis have Ghugni , Chicken Mughlai , Chowmein(noodles) , phuchka(pani-puri) and so on….

Simui er Payesh|Vermicelli Pudding (3-Step Dessert Recipe)

Sweet dish is a must on every (Bengali) occasion and making Simui er Payesh (also known as Vermicelli Pudding in English) is a very common thing in every Bengali household because not only it taste super sweet and fine but also adds as a very authentic and presentable sweet dessert to the overall food menu.


Kadai Chicken also known as Chicken Karahi is a non-traditional Bengali dish , known for its killer spicy taste and the spices that are used to make the curry so mouth wateringly delicious. Well, as I mentioned above,it is a Punjabi cuisine and the dish is prepared in a karahi – Karahi is named after the pan in which it was originally cooked – it is a type of thick, circular, and deep cooking pot.

Grilled Tandoori Chicken- The Best Marinade Recipe (Oven-Cooked)

A nicely done pieces of steaming hot Grilled Tandoori Chicken with it’s tantalizing aroma and mouth watering flavor is really hard to resist, don’t you agree? Grilled Tandoori Chicken is a beauty in itself to admire, especially when it comes to ‘Grilled Tandoori Chicken’?