White Sauce Pasta | Creamy And Delicious White Sauce Pasta Recipe

Long smooth and silky pieces of Penne pasta smeared in a cream-based and luscious white sauce, blessed with traces of garlic and veggies is all you need to sate your weekend cravings to the fullest. Growing up as a kid, I always tried experimenting with the white sauce recipe until I finally achieved the right-delicious one, so here I am back with my another droolworthy ‘spoon-licking’ delicious ‘White Sauce Pasta’ recipe that I made recently and enjoyed devouring it with my fam.

Andhra Chili Chicken Curry | Restaurant Style Andhra Chicken Curry Recipe

This unique and spicy green recipe from Andhra Pradesh is all things delicious. The ‘Andhra Chili Chicken’ has many variations and can be either cooked with ground coconut or ground milk. This quick, delicious and simple chicken recipe can be cooked within an hour and looks exquisite at any dinner party. So, without waiting any further, let us check out the recipe of Andhra Chili Chicken.


‘Dum ka Murgh’ is an interesting recipe that is cooked entirely in ‘dum style’- a process of slow-cooking which results in a one-pot dish of aromatic and delightful flavors. Slow-cooking is most commonly used in biryanis but also leads to lip-smacking results when used in curries. It involves cooking the ingredients in a sealed, heavy bottomed vessel for hours or even overnight in some cases. The slow cooking works like magic in infusing the flavors of the spices and herbs and makes the meat tender.