Rui Macher Tel Jhal|Rui Macher Kalia -Rohu Fish Curry (Bengali Recipe)

This food recipe is simply mind-blowing and deliciously rich in flavor and spices, the curry is medium spicy and the fish is fried in the beginning and later cooked in the gravy taste simply sweet and delicious, basically it is a recipe God has made to satiate your fish cravings on any week days to bless your taste buds, this fish curry definitely has a separate fan base, cooked in every Bengali households and on special Bengali occasions, by just looking at this fish curry recipe being cooked in the kitchen will make your stomach growl and mouth-water. It is so scrumptious!

Mughlai Chicken- mouthwatering delicious Chicken Gravy Recipe

‘Mughlai Chicken’ is a rich, delicious, decadent and a royal cuisine, cooked with rich aromatic Indian whole spices, nuts and Indian masalas. Originated during the reign of Mughal Empire, it is a thick chicken gravy (curry) with a creamy texture and a rich, flavorful aroma that can promise you a sure joyful ride to food heaven.No Kidding! It taste spicy and so delicious that you will be tempted to lick your fingers clean and still can’t get enough of this mouthwatering and delicious recipe on a lazy Sunday morning. Believe me, missing out on trying this delicious restaurant-style recipe will be such a waste of taste.

Paneer Kalimirch|Paneer in Black Pepper Creamy Curry Recipe

Cottage Cheese also known as Paneer (or Chhanna in Bengali) freshly brought from the dairy farm, diced and tossed in a freshly made creamy sauce, flavored with ground black pepper is what makes this dish so uniquely delicious. I’m very sure, we all love Paneer, and surely we have tried making Paneer with many different recipes but, what makes this dish so uniquely different than other is the presence of Kalimirch that marks in a very subtle yet in a very prominent way without overpowering the gravy with its pungency. You do get subtle hints of black Pepper in the gravy when having it with a roti or paratha but it won’t bother with your taste buds in fact you will be tempted to lick your fingers clean after having this simple yet scrumptious recipe of Paneer Kalimirch.

Dimer Kalia – Bengali Spicy Egg Curry Recipe

“Dimer Kalia” or spicy egg curry is an authentic Bengali cuisine originated in the eastern state of India, West Bengal . The recipe is cooked in rich gravy with whole garam masala, red chili powder and onions which plays a very vital role in defining this recipe also it gives a very rich aromatic flavor to your taste buds. The eggs are cut into halves and shallow fried in a pan and later cooked in a rich masala gravy that finally makes the perfectly delicious “Spicy Egg Curry” recipe.

Niramish Aloo Potoler Rasa|Aloo Parwal Veg Curry Recipe (Bengali Style)

“Aloo Potoler Rasa” is a very common and famous Bengal recipe, this recipe is very delicious if, you are planning to go vegetarian it’s a must have recipe to taste then. The curry “rasa” is very rich and spicy in its flavor, the Potols and Aloos (pointed gourd and Potatoes) are properly fried in a heated oil before cooking in a thick gravy and served hot with rice, luchi, parathas or (moodi for breakfast)

Murgh Kalimirch Recipe – Easy and Authentic Indian Cuisine

“Chicken Kalimirch” or “Murgh Kalimirch” is a spicy thick gravy recipe cooked with fresh cream, loads of freshly crushed black peppercorn and cashew nuts. It tastes spicy and sweet, the chicken cooked in this gravy is juicy and tender and the time and the ingredients it takes to cook this dish is minimal. The recipe is very rich in its thick gravy flavor and yet very simple in its taste. Honestly, the pictures in here isn’t doing any justice to the dish that we cooked, it is so scrumptious and lip smacking that I can only insist you’all to try this recipe on your own to believe my words. Best served with plain rice or roti but we Bengalis as you’all know prefer rice over anything.

Chicken Biryani Recipe- Simple Step by Step Guide

In this simple and easy home recipe, the Chicken Biryani is cooked with layers of (basmati)rice, chicken curry/masala, spices and aromatic flavors that are layered and cooked together to give your tummy a joy ride to food heaven. Best served with dahi boondi raita and papad, this can be the best dish that can be served on such lazy Sunday mornings for lunch or dinner, or for any guests visiting your house.

Patiala Chicken Recipe|Punjabi Style Chicken Recipe

“Patiala Chicken” as the name suggest is a Punjabi cuisine and since it is a dish cooked with chicken, some fresh cream and cashew nuts, it has to be mouth wateringly delicious. The food is cooked on slow fire, simmered for hours till the curry has turned creamy and then flavored with whole Indian spices, cashew nuts paste and rounded off with some fresh cream  for that rich finish.  It will be a huge lose if you don’t actually end up trying this recipe at home after reading and looking at the recipe below.

Afghani Chicken Recipe – Easy and Authentic Recipe

Rich in its creamy texture and flavor, this recipe is very simple, quick and very authentic in its flavor. Cooked with cashew nuts and some fresh cream, Ahghani Chicken curry is best served with Roti and Parathas but we Bengali’s always love to opt for Rice over anything as our main course. Haha!