Daab Chingri | Prawns Steamed in Tender Coconut (step-by-step recipe)

There are many prawn-based delicacies from Bengal that you must try, but there is something about ‘Daab Chingri’ that makes us awfully biased. This unique prawn curry will surely be a show stopper, and your guests might even ask for more of it, so be ready for it!!

So, let’s relish the exquisite taste of authentic Bengali seafood. The sensational shrimps mixed with heart-warming masalas and cooked basically steamed until cooked wrapped in tender coconut. This aromatic delicacy will get you hooked forever and you will never forget about this dish. Let’s get started.

Daab Chingri


Tender Coconut1
Fried Prawns (Chingri)
(giant freshwater prawns)
3 pieces/300 grams
Pure and Thick Coconut Milk1 cup
Black Mustard Paste (Sorse in Bengali)3 tbsp
Poppy Seed Paste (Posto in Bengali)3 tbsp
Green Chili Paste2 tsp
Turmeric Powder2 tsp
Fresh Coconut Water4 tbsp
Mustard oil1 tbsp
Salt1 tsp
Green Chilies (slit)3-4
*tsp-teaspoon; tbsp-tablespoon*

Other Ingredients:

Golda Chingri
(giant freshwater prawns)
1 kg
Turmeric Powder1 tbsp
Salt1 tbsp
Mustard oil6-7 tbsp

Note: In this recipe, we used only 300 grams of fried prawns, the rest of the 700 grams fried prawns were used in making Chingri malaikari- Creamy Bengali prawn curry with coconut milk(Full Recipe)


  • Wash, clean & devein the prawns, do not remove the shell (see video).
  • Insert skewers inside the prawns, this will keep them straight and from bending while frying the prawns in the oil.
  • Rub & apply turmeric powder 1 tbsp and salt 1 tbsp over the prawns, coat evenly. Set aside for 10 mins.
  • Heat mustard oil 6-7 tbsp oil in a wok, shallow-fry the marinated prawns until golden in color. Once done, transfer on a plate and set aside for later.

How to Make Daab Chingri: (step by step recipe)

Step 1.

Cut coconut-bottom and make it flat so that it can stand inside a wok or a pressure cooker. Cut its head in a slightly bigger round shape, it will help while stuffing. (keep the lid safely)

Step 2.

For the mixture : In a bowl, add thick coconut milk, black mustard paste, poppy seed paste, green chili paste, turmeric powder, fresh coconut water, salt and mustard oil. Whisk & mix well.

Step 3.

Pour the prepared mixture over the fried prawns evenly. Coat well to marinate in the prepared mixture.

Step 4.

Place the marinated-fried prawns inside the coconut carefully, add 1 tbsp mustard oil and green chilies inside the coconut. (see video) Pour the marinade mixture until its full to the brim of the coconut.

Step 5.

Place the coconut in a large hollow container/vessel carefully. place Pour 1 litre water approximately in a pan (the water shouldn’t sip inside the coconut).

Step 6.

Cover & steam 20-25 minutes over high heat.

*(or if the size of the coconut fits in the pressure cooker, cook until 4-5 whistles)*

*(or stuff the shrimp mixture inside coconut and seal its lid with dough, Preheat the oven to 220 degree and cook for about 45minutes)*

Step 7.

Once cooked, serve the daab chingri with the cooked thin malai from inside the coconut. Serve it with hot plain rice (bhaat) and enjoy!

Daab Chingri

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