Chicken Rezala | Kolkata Style Bengali Chicken Rezala Recipe| Best Mild Chicken Curry

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A short Introduction: ‘Chicken Rezala’ is a very famous Bengali Chicken Curry recipe with it origin from Mughals, it is a mild chicken curry that is white, unlike other chicken curry dishes and is extremely flavorful with very delicate flavors. Chicken Rezala is a perfectly balanced dish, it is neither too sweet, sour or spicy in flavor with its smooth creamy texture that goes perfectly well with both rice and roti.

The curry’s delicate flavor is so delicious and satisfying that it will make your mouth water and tummy growl in hunger.

Chicken Rezala
Marination Ingredients:
Chicken (with bones)750 grams
Curd/Yoghurt175 grams
Ginger Paste1 tsp
Garlic Paste1 tbsp
Green Chili Paste1 tsp
White Pepper Powder1/2 tsp
Melted Butter1 tbsp
Salt1 tbsp/As Per Taste
*tbsp-tablespoon; tsp-teaspoon*
To Make Paste :
Poppy Seed1 tbsp
Cashew Nuts (broken pieces)12-15
Water4 tbsp
*tbsp-tablespoon; tsp-teaspoon*
How To Marinate/ Preparation:
  • Marinate the chicken pieces with the items mentioned and set aside for 1.5- 2 hrs.
  • To make the onion paste, cut the onions into cubes and grind in a blender/ grinder till smooth. No need to add water.
  • To make the Cashew-Poppy seeds paste, add 1 tbsp poppy seeds in a grinder, coarse grind, add cashew nuts 12-15 pieces into the grinder and coarse grind it for few minutes. Now add 4 tbsp of water and blend it into a smooth paste. Set aside.
Curry Ingredients:
Marinated Chicken750 grams
Green Cardamom4
Cinnamon Stick2
Black Peppercorns10
Dry Red Chilies4
Cashew-Poppy Paste(prepared earlier)
Onion Paste3 medium sized onions
Saffron Strands (Kesar)12 strands
Kewra Water (Screwpine essence)1 drop/As Per Taste
Garam Masala Powder1/2 tsp
Oil4 tbsp/To Cook
Ghee4 tbsp/To Cook
Sugar2 tsp
SaltAs Per Taste
*tsp-teaspoon; tbsp-tablespoon*
How To Cook :
  • Heat oil and ghee in a pan, add the whole spices and allow it to splutter. Lastly add the whole dried red chillies, fry for 6 minutes over medium flame.
  • Add the onion paste, fry the onion paste on medium heat for 8-10 mins till the color changes to light brown.
  • Now add the marinated chicken and mix on medium heat for around 5 mins. Cover & cook on medium heat for around 10 mins till oil separates and the chicken is cooked.
  • Pour the cashew-poppy seeds paste, give a mix and cover & cook on low heat for 10 mins -15 mins till oil separates.
  • Now pour 2 tbsp ghee, 12 strands of saffron and 1 drop of Kewra water. Give a mix and simmer on low heat for 5 mins.
  • Serve with naan or plain rice.
‘Chicken Rezala’ 

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