Pyaaz Koli Posto|Potato-Onion flower Stalks Recipe (Bengali Recipe)

Onion flower stalks are not as same as green onions or scallions. In fact, the literal meaning of Pyaaz Koli would be ‘onion Bud’. With its brilliant green color and smooth texture, Aloo PyaazKolir Tarkari tastes just heavenly in winter with a plate of hot plain white rice and dal.

Onion flower stalks impart a lovely green color, a nice juicy crunch and a mild sweet flavor from the potatoes to dishes.

Pyaaz Kali can only be found in markets, in and around Bengal, in winter and is an amazing vegetable. It is the center most stem of an onion plant. At the very end of it, there is a little bud which is packed with onion seeds. Onion Stalks have sturdy stems and the entire stem and the bud are known as Pyaaz Kali in Bengali.

My version of this versatile vegetable is extremely simple and can be made within minutes. Albeit, you may cook this vegetable with scrambled eggs with some added garlic and stir fry, our recipe is more on the authentic, simple and original Bengali style of cooking Pyaaz Koli witha sprinkle of Posto (poppy seeds) and Aloo (Potato) for that extra crunch!. So, let’s get started!

Pyaaz Koli Posto|Potato-Onion flower Stalks


Onion Stalks/Pyaaz Koli300 grams
Bay Leaf1
Dry Red Chili1
Panch Phoron (Bengali five spices)1/2 tsp
Posto (Poppy Seeds)4 tbsp
Red Chili Powder1 tsp
Turmeric Powder1 tsp
Green Chili1
Water5-6 tbsp
Salt As Per Taste
Sugar1 tsp
Mustard Oil3 tbsp-To Cook


  • Chop the onion stalk into 1 inch pieces each. Wash and set aside.
  • Similarly, Wash and peel the potatoes and slice them into 1 inch pieces approx.
  • In a blender jar, add 4 tbsp poppy seeds (posto). Coarse Grind & set aside.

How To Cook:

Step 1 : Heat Mustard oil 3 tbsp, add bay leaf, break dry red chili into half and place it over the pan, add 1/2 tsp Paanch Phoron (Bengali five spices). Fry for a minute over medium flame.

Step 2 : Add sliced potatoes and chopped onion flower stalks (pyaaz Koli) in the pan. Fry 8-9 minutes over high flame. Cover and Cook to save time and energy.

Step 3 : Sprinkle salt, sugar, red chili powder, turmeric powder and 4 tbsp Posto
(poppy seeds powder-prepare earlier). Mix well over high flame. Add 5-6 tbsp water and sauté for 10 minutes over high flame. Turn off the flame.

Step 4 : Add one green chili and serve hot with plain hot white rice.

Pyaaz Koli Posto|Potato-Onion flower Stalks

A very quick and easy recipe that you must try at home and enjoy with your meal. This winter vegetable recipe will surely make your cold windy afternoon lunch a memorable one.!

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Pyaaz Koli Posto|Potato-Onion flower Stalks

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