Paneer Stuffed Capsicum|Cheesy Capsicum Recipe -Veg Starter Recipe

Capsicums are my favorite, they are versatile and very easy to cook hence I often think of making something new with them so this time I wanted to cook for someone who does not eat chicken and mutton, and hence Paneer stuffed capsicum came into the picture. Its cheesy and deliciously cooked paneer mix is so tummy tempting that you will be tempted to lick your fingers clean. Though instead of using a Tandoor or barbecue, I grilled the stuffed peppers in my oven. The recipe uses paneer or cottage cheese as its main ingredients along with other ingredients but I still wonder what will it taste like with some chicken stuffing. Ahem! Ahem!

Red-Yellow-Green Bell Peppers (Capsicum)4
Paneer (minced)250 grams
Ginger (minced)1 tsp
Garlic (minced)1 tsp
Onions (finely chopped)2 medium
Tomatoes (chopped)2 medium
Red Chili Powder1 tbsp
Turmeric Powder1 tbsp
Cumin+Coriander (mix) Powder1 tsp
Garam Masala Powder1 tsp
Amchur Powder (Dry Mango Powder)1 tsp
Red Chili Sauce1 tbsp
OreganoTo Sprinkle
Mozzarella CheeseGrated
SaltAs Per Taste
Sugar1 tsp
*tsp-teaspoon; tbsp-tablespoon*

Ingredients :

How To Cook:

Step 1

Halve the capsicums vertically or remove the top to make a hollow. Remove the seeds and set aside for later.

Step 2

In a wide pan, heat oil, add ginger, garlic and onions. Saute till onions become translucent. Sprinkle red chili powder, turmeric powder and fry for a few more minutes.

Step 3

Add finely chopped tomatoes, add salt and sugar. Mix well. Sprinkle cumin+ coriander (mix) powder, garam masala powder, amchur powder and green chilies. Mix well. Fry for about 5 minutes in medium heat, remove and keep aside.

Step 4

Stuff the capsicums with the prepared cottage cheese mix, sprinkle oregano and grate mozzarella cheese.

Step 5

Preheat the oven at 180°C, grease the baking tray with oil, and roast the capsicum till the capsicums soften slightly and the stuffing is brown. This will take approx 15 mins. OR you can use a greased pan and cook the stuffed capsicums on a stovetop.

Paneer Stuffed Capsicum

Pro Tip:

If you do not have an oven, use a pan sprayed with oil and cook on low heat to get the desired results. You can also use a butane torch for browning tops of the filling.

I have used red, yellow and green capsicums, but feel free to use only green if you want.

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